The Horrors of Factory Farming And Doing Something About It

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An ugly picture how most of the US gets its food, and someone whose fighting back.

Farmers and animal rights activists are coming together to fight big factory farms

I've been trying to cut back on my meat consumption this past year, primarily from a health aspect. Its been difficult, though this pandemic has helped. A lot easier to address food issues when you try and limit your trips to the grocery store. Several of the farmer's markets I've gone too, now carry locally grown meat. Its more expensive but might be worth the added cost to help out my local farmers.

Yes, buying local, pasture raised meat is more expensive, but how does that compare to the damage that big factory farms produce? To me it is well worth the extra cost to support a local farmer raising meat in an ethical, healthful manner. Costs can be controlled by buying less expensive cuts or only buying a small amount. I have been a regular customer of one local family that produces pasture raised beef, pork, chicken, llama and eggs for several years. Since I am a confirmed carnivore, I feel I am doing the right thing by purchasing my meat from these good folk.