Race Is Just One Component of Caste

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Greer has spoken before that at some point, poor white people and poor people of color will finally figure out that the economic Elites are using their race difference to keep the two sides from coming together, and then demand their fair share of the economic pie. Greer recognizes that the divisions in American society have more to do with what class you are, rather than what race.

I listened to some of the interview with Isabel Wilkerson about her new book "Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents", which goes deeper into this subject. I'm glad to see NPR has posted the podcast.

It's More Than Racism: Isabel Wilkerson Explains America's 'Caste' System

The election of Trump as president in 2016, the current protests on race and police misconduct, and even discussion on the unequal way the economic damage from the pandemic has affected different racial communities is in a large part the result of Americans coming to grips with the increased tolerance of diverse opinions by today's youth and the looming fact that white America will be a minority in 2040.

I hope that as we slide deeper into the Collapse and increasing have to deal with the problems that will cause, as well as the effects of climate weirding on the World, that perhaps we can actually learn to address our class structure in the West and in America.


For a Green Wizard who wishes to work at building communities, being aware of some of the under lying drivers of person's agenda, will be critical. They might not even realize how their own assumptions about society and their role in it, colors the way they go about pursuing that agenda too.

Personally, I am more and more giving up on any meaningful action at the Federal level of our government, and intend to focus more at the local level to try and affect changes I feel will be needed by people in the Long Descent. When I move into my sister's next year, I plan on starting to attend the city council meetings and lobbying for things like backyard chickens and sensible rule changes that allow "granny flats" so that more people can co-live in a home.

Its up to each of us to affect the changes we can.

I've been attending my municipal meetings on a semi-regular basis now, although the Covid-19 shutdowns really put a damper on things.

All the old supervisors know me on a first name basis. We had a major shake up in January and then the shutdowns so I have to meet our new supervisors.

It's astonishing how much gets done at the local level and yet everyone focuses on the national level or the state. Local is what matters most for your day to day life.

The more meetings you attend, the more you realize who really runs your town. You also learn that perfectly nice, well-educated, reasonable people will want diametrically opposed things. Compromise is the word for the day.

The other thing you learn is how long it takes to get anything done.