Move the beehive

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We asked neighbors if they'd like to put a beehive on our vacant lot garden. They were happy to say yes and had one there in less than a week. When I made the invitation, I asked them whether other neighbors are accepting of the hive they already had and would they mind one on my lot. They said other neighbors did not mind the bees.

You can guess where this is going....Today I met the owner of the house built very close to the lot line where the new hive has been stationed. He has a friend living in the house until they can sell it (owner lives 30 miles away) and the friend says he is allergic to bees. All they ask is that the hive be moved to the middle of the lot.

Can do. We'll move the beehive.

But now I'm kind of twitchy, what with so many people so afraid of bees and so many people interested in suing for money due to an injury. On the internet I see that there exists insurance for beekeepers. With someone else's hives on my property, the matter becomes more complicated, and even more people could be sued.

I really would like to hear some thoughts on this matter. What would you consider? Do you know of any beekeepers who've had neighbor problems due to stings?