Mimeograph Revival

This previous post (http://greenwizards.com/node/533) must've been percolating in my mind for a while as I'd forgotten I'd read it when I was struck by the certainty that I ought to consider mimeographs as a low(er)-tech method of printing. I'd been sighing over letterpress for a while but the impracticality of it finally sank in and I realized that mimeograph technology checked a lot of boxes for what I was looking for.

I've been busily figuring out how I want to approach this and have set up a website that supports the larger vision I have. I've been slowly sharing it with various parties (mostly vintage office machine aficionados) and the response has been positive. I'll probably announce it in the next ecosophia open post, but I'm ready to give it a soft "launch" here.

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce Mimeograph Revival at https://www.mimeographrevival.com and I'd love to have any of my fellow green wizards stop by.

Well done you! for putting the effort into making the dream a reality. I visited your website as it is under development and look forward to your raising interest and sharing tips. I hope you enjoyed my story "Classified" in the latest issue of New Maps which has a mimeograph machine front and center, practically another protagonist! At the beginning, anyhow.

Good luck and keep us linked to your progress.

for the recent publication! I have to admit I've not subscribed, but the fact that there's a mimeograph machine in your story (and the fact that it's YOUR story, because I like your writing a lot) is seriously tempting me. :)

I've been getting a good response in the various places I've posted my link and folks are sending documentation my way. I still need to finish moving boxes of books out of the garage and into the house (the 2nd bookshelf I built is now full, so we've gotta figure out something for the one last expanse of wall... anyway that's neither here nor there except to say that I can't get started using the machines until I have a place to put them!

Soon, hopefully.