Master Conserver Instructional Handouts

I recently received a request for a copy of the master conserver instructional handouts that I converted back in August 2010. I've posted them on my Gdrive for anyone who is interested. Here's the link:

Included are the original scans from JMG (John Michael Greer) and the converted PDFs by chapter.

The Master Conserver program was active in the early 1980s in Oregon and Washington states. Drawing on ideas from the appropriate technology movement, but funded by state energy offices, it was modeled on the Master Gardener programs active in many states then and now. Master Conservers completed a set of classes, and then volunteered a minimum amount of time to the community, helping to insulate and weatherize community buildings and the homes of the poor. This collection of instructional handouts, 190 pages, covers energy conservation, insulation, weatherstripping, solar energy, wood heat, and many related subjects.

If any of the admins would like to copy them to post on the site, feel free. Time marches on.