Greetings from the heart of Hoosierland. I've intended to join and be active on this forum for years and finally have the time and discipline to share and learn constructively. Many thanks to David for keeping things going.
I bought Green Wizards shortly after finding JMG and community back in the ADR days. The systems approach introduced there has had an enormously beneficial impact on my thinking, planning and effort in all areas of my life for which I am forever grateful.
My wife and I have been blessed to live on her family farm where we raised 3 wonderful children, the 6th generation to do so. We have embraced the responsibilities as well as the benefits as we have tried to fulfill what we take as a first commandment "to tend and keep the garden".
With the kids gone now the garden is smaller, the pasture a bit overgrown and we've been buying firewood and chopping just enough to maintain a little self respect. We have a small flock of sheep, a few chickens, too many dogs and probably a few too many unfulfilled goals but life here is truly blessed.
I trust that participation here will help us coordinate our own efforts into a more complimentary and sustainable system and that sharing our successes and failures will save at least a few of the community time and energy.
Best wishes to all!

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Welcome to the community here. I would like to encourage others who have joined in recent months but who have not yet stepped forward to do so and introduce themselves.

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So glad you are here! Feel free to comment on long existing threads, too.

Hi Gawain. So, the Green Knight? So appropriate for a pack of green wizards.

We love new posts on what you're doing so feel free to post and comment away.