31X house

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Chit-chat....Coming home from visiting with my brother-in-law at a state park, we drove by a house that I looked up when I got home. It is 29,860 square feet. That is 31 times the size of mine. And do they pay 31 times the taxes? No they do not. They tore down a nearly $2,000,000 house to build this in its place....It's another world.....Clayton Rd in Town and Country, Missouri for any locals.

Seen any monstrosities lately?

Yeah, we've got a similar one in the village of Hershey. This is the older part of town where the surrounding houses were all built in the 40's and 50's. The lots tend to be about 1/4 acre there. Whatever previously existed was torn down and this monster house got built.

No idea how many square feet but it's got to be five times what was there before (2,000 square feet tops based on the surrounding houses).

It was so big, when we heard about it, Bill and I went over to gawk. It looks like the mansion surrounded by the slave quarters.

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I have a co-worker who recently built a house. I don't know exactly how big it is, but it's big enough that it needs two independent HVAC systems! Does he have a large number of children? No, he has none, but he and his wife raise and train dogs for shows, so they wanted a large amount of land for a training field. They bought empty land, because it was cheaper than anything with a house on it, so then they needed to build a house. No bank would finance a "small" house on an expensive lot, because if they had to foreclose, the believed that no other buyer would consider a small house to be an asset. It would just be in the way of building the big house that they'd want. How do they know this? I guess it's because "everybody else" is building big houses, so that must be what they want. (There's something wrong with this logic!)