Plastic Bottles Into PET Tape and Cord - Great Hack

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I don't have many plastic bottles in my life, I stopped drinking soda years ago, and rarely buy bottled water when I travel, instead carrying water stored in a reusable container. That said, others in my circle do use quite a few. My sister loves Dr Pepper soda. This hack shown on Youtube shows a simple and easy use for these bottles.

10 Creative Ideas to Reuse Plastic Bottles / Bottle Cutter 2.0

The tape is ideal for using in the garden to put together trestles and stands out of wood or bamboo. A heat gun is easiest for shrinking the PET tape but you can also just boil water over a fire, and the heat will shrink and secure it.

That is awesome. I can think of lots of ways to use that kind of tape. I especially liked his furniture construction with it. It would work great for repairs.