Native Plant Guide - US by Region

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Here's some pdfs native plant guides available for download from the Xerces Conservation group.

Native plants have an advantage for your garden. They have adapted specifically for your typical weather and climate. They often seed well too.

If you are on a southern border of a region, I suggest also downloading the pdf for the region south of you. As climate change accelerates, it will get more like places south.

Thanks for this! The North-East document covers Nova Scotia, where I am, so I downloaded it.

I will print it out and add it to my growing library of plant species books. I've been trying to buy such books specific to the area, also so that I know what wild edibles there are for foraging.

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Here's an interesting map, breaking down the North American area in ecological regions.

NWF Eco-Regions Map

And the NWF Native Plant Finder.

Enter your zip code to find local native plants