Weight of rain barrels too much for foundation?

This might be a silly question, but we are interested in getting two of these to attach to our rain gutter downspouts, which are both on the same side of the house. The ones at the shop nearby are 275 US gallons.


The tanks apparently weigh 2000 pounds when full. So I'm wondering whether having two of them along the same wall (although at opposite ends) is going to cause trouble with the foundation. That's a lot of weight!

What do you think?

We've got one of those cubes next to our back corner. Bill constructed a platform for it of cinderblock, very carefully leveled. The cinderblocks support the weight nicely and lift it up enough for easier access. Our cube doesn't touch the house at all.

I wouldn't put one directly on the dirt.
Do you have a slope and you're worried about the full cube leaning against the house?

We've never had a problem with ours.

It's pretty flat actually, I just didn't know whether that much added weight to the nearby ground would strain the foundation. We didn't want it to touch the house, but it may be within 6 inches to a foot from the wall of the house in order to reach the downspouts more easily.

Good tip about levelling the ground carefully!

Have you thought about extending your gutter outwards?
Like slanting the aluminum tube at an angle (using prefab bends) to stretch out two feet?
Then your cube won't be as close to the house.
But then you WILL have a narrow passage between house and cube that will fill up with weeds and critters.

I think as long as your cube is on a leveled foundation of cinderblock, all the pressure will be going straight down and not sideways into the house's foundation.

Yeah, I think we're going to use cinder blocks and level out the area as you suggested. The previous owners had the downspouts going from the gutters underground and then away from the house, so we just need to either divert some of the water from the downspout while leaving the overflow mostly intact, or take the system apart and rig it up to the cube and set up a new overflow system. Thanks again!