Plants for a Future

Plants for a Future is an awesome database of plants, their uses, their growing requirements and propagation info, and more. It allows you to search with a wide variety of useful parameters, for example 'produces edible nuts (or paper fibre/wax/diuretic medicinal action), grows in soil type x and climate zone y.'

Worth checking out:

"Plants For A Future Database"

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Thanks for posting this, very helpful.

I changed the format of your link, so it opens in a new window.

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I've recently discovered velvetleaf growing in my garden. PFAF describes it as useful for food, fiber, and medicine, but also as an invasive weed with long-viable seeds (50 years, in soil). PFAF also says that it grows 1 meter tall, but mine is almost two meters, which may be important in terms of exploiting its fiber potential. Not mentioned: its potential as improvised toilet-paper!