fermentation trouble

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I learned from the internet of a southern US dish called sour corn. I come from the south and was raised with at least some southern cooking, yet I had never even heard of sour corn! So I decided to try this lacto-fermented food.

Fifteen days ago I immersed the kernels from two large ears of fresh sweet corn (one of those super sugar enhanced varieties) in a 2% brine. That is less salt than I usually use, so it was probably going to be prone to the "wrong" microbes growing. I did not have it in an oxygen excluding container, but the corn was deep under the surface. I sampled the corn once and found that it was getting sour, but decided to let it continue fermenting to develop enough acidity to help it keep better, longer. I wanted to see if this was not just a means to produce an alternative fresh corn dish, but to store corn that would be ready-to-use without soaking to re-hydrate.

I typically visually check ferments every day until I consider them "finished." This one I forgot about for about three days. I found it with the surface covered with white, velvety, hydrophobic growth. Yeast? Mold? Not the famous kahm yeast I'm familiar with. It smelled off and definitely alcoholic. I tasted a single kernel and it was nice and sour, so had lacto-fermented quite a bit. In addition, I tasted alcohol. I tasted some of the brine and could taste alcohol there. I spat out my taste due to my fear of unknown, unfriendly alcohols. It is not good tasting as a drink due to all the salt, anyway.

I always fear producing methanol or other weird alcohols. Otherwise, I'd probably go ahead and eat the corn!

What do you think? Comments? Anyone familiar with "sour corn"?

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Like you I had not heard of it. A quick google search does turn up plenty of mentions as well as recipes. I look forward to your report of eating the finished product.

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Maybe I will take some of it and heat it up in fresh water to drive off the alcohol, try it that way.

Wish my mom were alive so I could ask her about this.

I'm all for making drinkable alcohol deliberately, but would want a bit of assurance that I have safe stuff.

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I guess I should tell what happened.

I soaked my alcohol-salty corn for a about and hour and a half in fresh water. That did remove a lot of the saltiness, but I was surprised I could still taste the alcohol. So I changed the water and soaked it four hours. After four hours, I did not taste the alcohol, the salt, or any sourness. I was surprised that it just tasted like sweet corn again. The corn flavor was still there underneath all that salt and alcohol. So I cooked and ate it. No apparent harm done to my health.

Apparently, this could be used as a long term storage of corn, but it does seem like a lot of trouble to return it to "plainness".

Oh, I also have fermented a very small amount in a mix of little whole cabbages (secondary growth cabbages), carrots, garlic, sweet peppers, and radishes. That corn is much better and I'm happy to eat it in small amounts alongside a meal.