Hanging Chicken Feeder

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One of the big problems with raising chickens is that the dry feed you give them, can attract rodents and other birds. The chickens eat most of what you give them but the remainder lays there over night and rodents will find a ready source of free food. Here's an innovative and low cost solution.

Blog article tutorial on this: https://goodlifepermaculture.com.au/rodent-proof-chicken-feeder/

You'll need a plastic bucket with lid and having a handle. 5 gallon or 2 gallon depending on the number of chickens you have. Maybe even a small 1 gallon painter's bucket. Then a eyebolt with a couple of nuts, and a wooden cabinet knob. And a hand drill with a 1/2 inch bit and one as big as the shaft diameter of the eyebolt. Something to hang it on after you're finished, perhaps a Shepard's hook.

First, drill a 1/2 hole in the center of the bottom of the bucket. This should be large enough that a few chicken pellets can fall through. Begin with a 1/2 and if not enough fall thru, drill it a bit larger.

Next, drill the hole in the cabinet knob all the way thru. Put the eyebolt through the hole in the bucket with the eye part in the bottom, and the shaft through the hole. Thread a nut onto the shaft far enough up that you can put the knob on it, but with a little thread sticking out. Thread the second nut on the shaft and tighten to lock the know in place.

Fill with an inch or so of chicken pellets. Test the mechanism by tapping the cabinet knob while holding the bucket up. See how much feed comes out. You want just a few, not too many that the chickens will leave any but also not so few that they can't get some among the other chickens. Increase the size of the hole if needed.

Hang it up where your chickens are and see how it goes. It may take them a little while to discover it. I don't keep chickens so I don't know if maybe hanging a small bell on the knob, or something shiny will help. Or if you have to demo it to them a few times.

That's it, though looking at the set up, I think that if you don't fill the bucket at least a few inches deep with pellets, the center of the feed will deplete while leaving a lot around the edge of the bucket. You could modify a large funnel, one that would fit inside the bucket and gluing it in place I suppose, to keep the pellets in the center.

Let me know if you make one and how it works for you.