Sunchoke aka Jerusalem Artichoke

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Sunchoke aka Jerusalem Artichoke



- Sunchoke, Helianthus tuberosus. Alternative Names: sunroot, wild sunflower, earth apple, Canadian truffle, and Jerusalem artichoke (text) .

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- General Description of the Plant: (text) .

- Why We Grow This? (common uses): (text) .

- Historical Facts and Quotes: (text) .

- Can Be Confused With: (text) .

- Cautions and Hazards: (text) .



- Popular Variations and Cultivars (text) .

- Starting: from seed; from cutting; by root stock, rhizome, bulb, grafting; other (text) .

- Bedding Out: plant spacing, soil temperature, soil amendments, best rotation cycle. (text) .

- Best soil type: Loamy, moist; Sandy, well-drained; Mineral-dense, clay (text) .

- Sowing Season & Habits: Annual, Perennial, Biennial, self seeding, self pollinating, dioecious (text) .

- Plant Health maintenance: diseases, pests, treatments, cold shelters, interventions (text) .

- Companion Planting (text) .



- Signs of ripeness, over- and under-ripe (text) .

- Gathering tips. Gloves, techniques (text) .

- Preserving and Storage (text) .

- Post-harvest soil care and compostable wastes (text) .



- Nutritional Information: (text) .

- How to prepare before eating: (text) .

- Useful recipes and cooking hints: (text) .

- Historical dishes and meals: (text) .

- Non-Food Usages: (text) .



- How This Plant Propagates: (text) .

- Harvesting Seeds: (text) .

- Seed Storage: (text) .



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This video has some good information on it

I didn't know you could cut down on the gas causing properties of this plant by cooking it in acidic foods like lemon juice. Or that you could use them to make a pasta either. He goes thru the whole recipe and makes a lasagna dish.