Peschel Press and Career Indie Author websites

Some of you already know us.

I'm Teresa Peschel and my husband is Bill. Yes, as indie authors, we're semi-public figures. We have to be to publicize our books.

We've got several websites with information about our books so you can decide if you're interested before laying out any coin. We try to be available as widely as possible, in eBook and trade paperback, so you don't have to buy books from that South American River company.

We are also in the midst of the Agatha Christie movie marathon project (Murder, She Watched). We're watching all 200-some Agatha Christie films. I'm reviewing each one and posting the reviews. We're about halfway through so I've got plenty of movies ahead of me. If you're an Agatha fan, give us a look. Eventually, all 200 reviews will become a book about Agatha Christie films.

Bill discusses the nuts and bolts of running a writing business at Career Indie Author.
He lists independent bookstores in the mid-Atlantic region (Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia). If we missed a bookshop that you know about, send us an email with the information. Many small bookshops do a *terrible* job of advertising so we want to spread the word.

Also at Career Indie Author is the listings for Mid-Atlantic book festivals. Same geographic range, with all the book festivals and library events that we know of. Again, if you know of a local library book fair, drop us an email and let us know. Libraries also do a terrible job of spreading the word.

I put information about my science-fiction romance (I write as Odessa Moon) at its own website. It's mostly background information. I update only when I publish a new book.

We've also got an Instagram feed, where we post quotes from writers for writers Monday - Friday. We post other stuff too, mainly Agatha Christie, our cats, our adventures, and our books.

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I would highly recommend the resources you get from visiting Peschel Press' website and that you buy a copy of their "Career Indie Author" book. Having them here on this website is a huge plus for Green Wizards.