Greetings from Old Blighty

Hello all, Luke's the name and I hail from the misty, rain-soaked hills of Albion. I have been a fan of Greer for a few years now, and along with James Howard Kunstler I can credit him with changing the course of my life.

I am an all-too infrequent blogger (which I intend to change this year), but a fairly regular podcaster, and I spoke to Greer for my show a few months back. Check that out here:

Anyway, look forward to rapping with you all!

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Where are you located in Britain? I've not made it across the pond myself, but as a descendant of immigrants from the Wye valley, I am intrigued with the history.

Hi Luke, I have enyoyed your podcasts and look forward to hearing from you on this forum. I have never been to England, but I sure enjoy English mystery writers like Dorothy Sayers and Ellis Peters. Glad you joined the company.

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Kay - I'm also quite fond of Ellis Peters, especially the Brother Cadfael books. I didn't realize until moments ago that Ellis Peters was actually Edith Mary Pargeter! Mystery writers and their pseudonyms; always being mysterious! (I do realize that for many female authors it was a sad but necessary subterfuge during that era.)

Hi Luke! We're glad to have you aboard.

Don't hesitate to chime in. We love active discussions. Take a look at our discussion of laundry as an example.

Thanks for the welcome, everyone! I am from the South East originally, having grown up in London and lived in Canterbury (of the famous Tales) for the past few years, but I am now living in Devon, in the rainy South-West of the country. I actually have some roots in the United States as my father is American - our ancestors are mid-western and southern, and include the Carter clan.

Glad you have enjoyed the podcasts, Kay!

Ken, the Wye valley is a beautiful area, I know some excellent folks up there. Some of the best cider in the country is made in that region. The Forest of Dean is particular lovely, and is now overrun again with wild boar, having escaped from private enclosures.

Glad to meet you, Luke. Belated welcome from me, too. I live in in Canada, but most of my relatives are in the UK, including Kent.