Sea level mapping

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I recommend for a global mapping site with adjustable sea level. This is incredibly helpful to me, writing stories set in the future or past when the sea levels were quite a bit higher or lower. One note: my bank debit card flagged this site as suspicious when I tried to pay using the debit card (because it's based in India), so I used a low limit credit card and it went through fine. I've never had anything hinky in the billing. It's only $9/mth and you can download maps you've created. You can also use it for free but you can't access all the functions. It's still quite interesting though! My one complaint is they don't have Antarctica mapped very well and one of the novels in my ICE FREE EARTH series is set there. Fortunately, the location of the current novel-in-progress in the series is covered in exceptional detail. Have fun! (Well, it might not be "fun" if you live too close to current sea level, it might be disturbing. Maybe even enough for you to consider making changes while you still can?) The map is the eastern coastline of North America with 50 meters of sea level rise (Greenland + West Antarctica + some of East Antarctica melted).

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I've used a similar sea level map site for some of my fictional story outlines. It's going to be a world none of us recognize.

I do though think the lake levels are wrong. Unless I'm reading that incorrectly, the Great Lakes shouldn't decrease like that.

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I wondered about that too. I think the map just uses elevation without regard to whether there is a lake on top of it already. So the bottom of some of the Great Lakes would be technically below sea level. The dark blue coloring is indicating that status.

That would make sense. Unless they're figuring that warmer temperatures will lead to more evaporation and some change in precipitation - but those are different factors that I wouldn't expect to be factored into a sea level map.

It won’t be helpful for your scenario, but NOAA has a sea level rise map with a slider to see up to 10’ rise:

What I have been wondering is how much of an issue will be caused by toxic materials in the flooded structures and will a clean up effort be made.

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I suspect that the majority of industrial sites in the path of sea level rise will be just left to the public dollar to clean up, which means it won't be. Our flooding cities will become toxic lakes with too many people living in them.

I'm reminded of a time many years back when the Mississippi flooded. It got past the protection in the southern part of town and got to a company that sold industrial welding gases and propane. Funny thing, those big white tanks aren't bolted down. Several of the big ones floated off their cradles and were bumping around in the walled and flooded lot. Had one gone up, the others would have too. It would have been like Beirut. Luckily they didn't.

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I agree that the toxins and pollutants released by flooding will be a gargantuan problem for generations. Probably don't want to be eating clams or oysters from anyplace that used to be a city...