Legal Way To Stockpile Some Drugs For Your Needs

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The Youtuber "Canadian Prepper" is an interesting guy. Boarder line doomster and prepper businessman. He does though have some good info and some resources we can use.

He just posted this video:

It's a website and virtual medicine source that will legally sell you a supply of back up antibiotics and/or needed chronic medicine. Not sure of the cost though the process seems pretty easy.

Canadian Prepper has a $20 off coupon. Even without the discount the resource sounds good.

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I agree that for anyone that is dependent upon certain medications it is prudent to build an emergency stockpile of the pills or devices you can't do without. Many cruisers (sailors going out for extended trips) have similar needs and in addition need emergency medical kits for the boat. There are doctors and online drug stores that cater to these folks. Might be worth researching who they use. I would exercise caution with any supplier of meds that you are not SURE is getting you the right stuff. Snake oil salesmen they were and are (meaning the entire pharmaceutical industry but especially sketchy on-line places).

Better, from a long term resiliency point of view, is to make a concerted effort to wean yourself off all those drugs. Be honest, the BP meds you are taking probably wouldn't be needed if you were 25 lbs lighter, right? And how many of those other ailments we all deal with, especially as we get older, could be managed nutritionally or with locally available herbs?

I manage my borderline high blood pressure AND occasional heart palpitations with hawthorn berry extract. A friend uses it for his atrial fibrillation. I gather the berries in the autumn and make a year's worth for the cost of some vodka and my time. Obviously, you should proceed with caution when using or changing any medication, whether made by yourself or by Big Pharma. But I have seen many times that the best treatment for many people is to stop taking all their meds and see what is actually needed, most of which are being used to treat the side effects of the previous drug, which was treating the side effect of the previous drug, etc.! If your doctor is one of the rare breed that is actually interested in your long term health, talk with her about your desire to improve your health and reduce or eliminate if possible, all purchased medications. You might be pleasantly surprised at their willingness to help!

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One of my other favorite Youtubers, "Beau of the Fifth Column" mentioned in a video last month that for many in rural locations, having a trauma bag, aka a first aid kit with extended supplies for major injuries, is common practice in rural locations now. For your home and for your vehicle. Getting to a hospital or even clinic treatment takes so long for those out in the hinterlands, that if you don't have at least the basics to stabilize yourself, you die. So yeah, if you need them, have extra meds.

And you are right, too many doctors just prescribe a drug, rather than tell you to eat right and exercise. And too many of us take the drugs rather than make the life style changes.

For minor aliments, I want to learn a lot more (and put out at least one Green Wizard book on) herbal medicinal. I've got several spots planned for herbals in the back yard garden as soon as it gets warm.

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I once heard a doctor on the radio discuss treatment of common conditions. He asked "Is it better to prescribe behavior changes that they will never follow through on, or a pill that they'll take every day? For most of my patients, a mediocre pill is better than nothing." (Not an exact quote, of course.) So, those of us who can, should maintain good health habits, but not everyone around us will, and the reasons are complex.