5 Things To Teach In Hard Times

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Not just kids, but also your partners, parents, family and friends as things get tighter and rougher/

"A psychologist says parents who raise resilient, socially intelligent kids always do 5 things during ‘hard times’"

They suggest:
1) They normalize experiences
Friendships help children develop important life skills like getting along with other people and solving conflicts. But no friendship is perfect. Remind your child that all friendships go through ups and downs. In lasting relationships, close friends inevitably disappoint, irritate or mess up occasionally.

2) They provide physical comfort
Unless your kid recoils at touch, physical comfort may be more immediate and impactful than any verbal assurance. Several studies have found benefits of interpersonal touch. For example, being hugged can lower blood pressure and instill a feeling of care and safety. Not starting conversations right away also gives your kid time to prepare to talk about their distress.

3) They teach that quality tops quantity
Tweens often gauge self-worth by how many friends they have. They don’t recognize yet that the quality of relationships matters more. One study found that teens who had many — but more superficial — school friends became more anxious as young adults.

4) They focus on the positives
I often see kids dwell on one social slight or disappointment, which in that moment looms larger and more pressing than all the positives in their lives. While empathizing with your child’s distress, refocusing their attention on their most recent triumphs and pleasures lets them appreciate the bigger and brighter picture.

5) They provide hope
Tell your kid that although they are going through a rough time now, it will not last forever. Things will get better. This is not a platitude. Social situations will change because kids will change.

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Those 5 things are good for kids of any age. Nicely succinct too.