Efficiency guru Amory Lovins

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Amory Lovins has been preaching it for the last 50 years - EFFICIENCY is the answer to energy usage.


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Sure, but, it would be great if he actually helped the rest of us common people in how to -- well, lots of things. how about how to add on an efficient solar heater like he has, etc....

I have always found him to be big in the policy making circles, and lots of data collected from his building, but in all the years I have been well aware of the rocky mountain institute, no help for us cpmmon folk

I swear, Rocky Mountain institute has LESS to offer us common people than its early days/

Here is what "they" are doing for us:

" RMI is deploying several types of market interventions that leverage major industry touch-points with homeowners and apply behavioral insights in order to expand the sources of motivation for energy upgrade investments and make these investments a priority for homeowners, including:

Mainstream Media Engagement: Working with popular television programs like Property Brothers and other mainstream customer-focused channels to integrate clean energy storylines into popular narratives and make clean energy more conversational, relatable, and desirable
Contractor Engagement: Empowering contractors to better engage with homeowners and promote energy upgrade services by using a suite of online and in-person tactics
Realtor Engagement: Empowering realtors to better promote the benefits of improved energy performance and increase demand among their buyer and seller clients for energy upgrades
Broader Industry Engagement: Publishing and leveraging leading social science and customer research to arm industry partners like service providers, educators, and marketing agencies to compel homeowners to both think differently about their home’s energy performance and take action
Our Partners

Building Performance Institute


National Association of Realtors


National Environmental Education Foundation


The Noorda Foundation


Participant Media


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You may notice if you also go to the rocky mountain institute web page, that realy is all you get. There is absolutely nothing for us homeowners or renters.

They have become PMC and are firly in the group speak of that group, and who they "partner" with.

Sounds like all PR -- where's the beef ? Not at ROcky Mountain Institute

The home "HEROS" program that was touted 5-10 years ago, I am in California so I went to presentations and looked into it. Huge money maker for bank loans and contractors. Just too expensive for the payback in energy savings. Lots of testing and regulations. I even had my house blower door tested, it failed miserably. It never took off for a reason, and finances are even worse for people.

There is ALOT we can do. I did some myself, not part of this type of program. Air sealing. Conditioned crawlspace. But, the US government dept of energy site has more information that can be actually utilized.

or, just go to the build it solar site, I just looked, thought I linked it ages ago >. Oh, well, I will make a spot for it

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This is the page that got me to cover with bubble wrap my window that is in a wind tunnel. (Not particularly inspired by that site, I added more bubble wrap. And then a blanket, And then a sheet. And then a curtain. Oh, there is a shiny silver mylar sheet in there somewhere, but I don't remember in which layer.)

Amory Lovins was coopted a long time ago.
He can't make any money by telling people to use LESS; Less energy, less stuff, less stimulation, just plain less.

It's like diet gurus: they can't make money by saying eat less and exercise more.

It doesn't matter how energy efficient you are if you keep using more energy.

We all have to be as efficient as possible AND STILL USE LESS.

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I am not familiar with him or his institute but my takeaway from the article was that we need to spend more money conserving energy by adding insulation. Well, DUH!

I do wish that the government would spend half of the money they are spending to promote people buying electric vehicles with grants and money for poor homeowners to add insulation or new windows to their homes. That alone would bring huge savings and put people to work. They do some of that now, but not enough.

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I too wish there was support for efficiency, rather than corporate giveaways on the production end. The ultimate efficiency is to do without (fill in the blank). I suspect that THAT will be the eventual response to expensive energy. Unfortunately, in a capitalistic, short-sighted civilization, no one will make any money if you decide to live where you can use public transit and walk where you need to go. Maybe the insulation manufacturer makes a little when you super insulate the attic, but essentially the problem is no business incentive for better efficiency.