Gardening supplies inflation

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I stopped by the local farmers coop today to pick up some vegetable plant starts in 6 cell packs. These are supplied by "Bonnie plants" who are a major supplier of this market. I purchased the identical item from the same local vendor last year. Last year the price was $3.98 per 6 cell pack and this year $4.88 for same which is a 22.6% increase. Over the past 12 months all item inflation as measured by CPI-U was 8.5% and for food items 8.8%. While I have no need to check the prices of fertilizer as this is an item I typically buy 5-10 years ahead, I have read that year over year increase is huge. What are others here seeing regarding gardening supply price inflation?

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I just spent almost $100 for 2 high quality sprinklers for the garden. I usually water by hand, but also do run an overhead sprinkler sometimes early inthe morning instead for the vegetable area. One is an impact sprinkler, I still have my old one and will repair it. The old one the spring broke so it no longer rotates. I hook that up on the top of a T-stake so I can get the whole garden area at once and to try and be taller than the tall plants. The other new one I bought is a metal rain bird, that is used less often. In any case, yes, the prices are shocking and likely to get worse. I recommend getting a few hoses and sprinklers now for the future.

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One inch mesh galvanized chicken wire is 20% more this spring than spring of 2020.