Amazing Videos Of Animal/Garden Combos

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One of the things we here promote is the idea that this high-tech, plenty of everything world will be going away. That supplies will get harder to come by, and if you can get them, the price will be much more. We are already seeing this, with the recent troubles. We are definitely into the next stair step of collapse. So we will need to rediscover the older ways of doing things. We can look to the places in the world that are already experiencing a low-tech/low resource culture for hints and ways to do things.

That's why this Youtube channel is so great.

No1 IDEAS Youtube Channel

I first came across them, with this video. It is a DIY/How To of combining a greenhouse with a fish pond. This will allow you to raise fish while also growing food. While the concept isn't new, what really caught my eye was the way he built the pond, using low-tech bricks, and a skim coat of concrete. He walks you through the process too. Enough that I would feel confident in trying my hand at a similar build.

DIY cheap greenhouse combined with aquarium for my wife

Then when I checked out his channel, I found they have a huge library of videos. Many of them are decorative but some, like this one, are also useful and informative.

Super easy to DIY aquarium combined with growing organic vegetables

He works in a small space, so many of his ideas combine techniques like gardens with raising chickens or fish.

Now, this video is amazing not just for the way he incorporates a chicken coup and run, with a garden, but it is a tutorial for how to make concrete roofing tiles too. Talk about low-tech. I love how he just uses sand and concrete molds to make them. And that his run has a swing-open section so you can clean.

My wife likes chicken coop combined with growing organic vegetables

Check the channel out.