Locked out of Google

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Is it the fault of your service provider?

It is the fault of Google. I finally got a new, reliable internet connection device and because it was not the old wonky one they locked me out of my account. Then they demanded a phone number. If they have an old phone number on file, I don't know what it is and am afraid to give them the one I am using which is a loaner and not in my name. Then they will lock me out altogether! If they do not have a phone number on file then they just threw the keys to my account out in the open street to be picked up by anyone. How can they 'verify' it is me if they do not have this number and never heard of it before? It is sheer craziness.

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Another large internet site with which I have an account asks me for a phone number for verification every now and then. I've never given them a number and do not intend to do so. There, I can get through by simply reloading the page that asks for my number. It refreshes without the nagging, and I can go on my way.... So, try reloading / refreshing the obstacle page?

That option does not appear to be available, but I will hold the idea in reserve, thanks.

As of today, I was finally able to use my newer, more reliable equipment to access my gmail account. But not before gmail stupidly blocked me again with a stupider message saying 'too many falied attempts' when I had not even been able to complete even the one attempt. These people are dangerously idiot-savanting. I think most of us should back away from the crazymaking.