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I've been told by several people that having a forum on religion and spiritual beliefs is a bad idea. I disagree. I believe that people who are drawn to Green Wizardry, and follow its core precept of Discensus, that is the strength in accepting disagreement, can have a adult conversation on any subject.


Along with politics, religion can be an extremely emotional thing to discuss. People have very firmly held beliefs about both and having a calm and unemotional discussion, where people are willing to accept that other people's beliefs can differ from their's and an important point, that even though you disagree, since we are talking about the realm of "God", and the Almighty isn't likely to open an account here and join in to correct what we get wrong, ultimately it is a matter of faith.

Along with the acceptance that the other person in this discussion, might have a different religion, and therefore may have very different ideas of what is religious, there is a growing portion of today's population, who have grown disillusioned by organized religions, and have sought out non-mainstream alternatives. Some have even given up on religion entirely.

But if you are reading this then, no matter your religious temperament and beliefs, or lack of same, you are all here to learn skills to survive and prosper in the coming Long Descent.

John Michael Greer, patron Saint of Green Wizards and writer of the original book on "Green Wizardry", has several times said that in an Age of Collapse, past Empires in decline have experienced a resurgence of religion and spirituality. People in crisis sometimes seek a higher power. They seek it for solace, they seek it for strength. This can be a wonderful things when its channeled for the good of their communities.

And yet some people seek religion in times of crises as a way to gain power. Authoritative leaders cloak themselves in fundamental religiousness which history has shown, in past and current day, can lead to real evil.

Just as we will discuss ways to recognize dangerous people and situations in other forums, Green Wizards should understand the history of our major religions, beliefs of our spiritual faiths and even some of the not-religious practices (like shamanism, which I practice) that they will run into in a World in Collapse. While you may not believe the same thing as your neighbor, that should not stop you both from working towards making your community more resilient and adaptable in Harsh Times To Come.

Join me, and lets share a Bowl of Stone Soup and the Warmth of our Fire, and talk of Elder Things like Wise Elders sometimes do.



Goes without saying, I hope, that I expect civility and being courteous to your fellow posters.

If someone gets you a bit excited with their comments, and you write up a fiery reply, take a moment to pause before you hit "SAVE". Often it is best to wait a bit, and let your emotional reaction to cool. I have been guilt before of letting my passion get the better of me. Don't you too.

If you do then I may, at my sole discretion, remove your post. If I do, I will email you and explain my reasons. You are free to tell me why you disagree.

If you continue posting in a disruptive manner, I may delete your account.

I hope all here can live up to my belief that people can have adult conversations about emotional issue, contrary to what we so often see in real life now.