Twilight's Last Gleaming reviewed by the Saker

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The Saker, to whom I turn for detailed geopolitical news involving Russia has posted a review of Greer's novel, Twilight's Last Gleaming, praising him from the point of view of a military strategist. It's worth a read.

Have a look here:

The Saker's blog is well moderated with a decent comments section. People commenting are very interested to read more of his geopolitical postings. I posted one suggestion, and someone else posted some others. People unacquainted with Greer visiting the Arch Druid Report site just see the latest posting, which holds little meaning if they weren't following the discussion.

He also posts "sitreps" on hotspots, giving the latest news. Here is the latest update on the missile attack on Syria, as of 8:00 p.m. Japan time (about 10:00 a.m. Saturday, Eastern Standard Time):

Does anyone have any news on Greer since his appearance on the discussion panel late last month?