Christian and Climate Change Aware

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I know we don't make our personal religious beliefs a point of discussion here. Several people I know are of a "alternative" view point but I suspect many are also of more main stream views. Personally I think both can be Green Wizards, since what we focus on is the nuts and bolts of how to prepare for the Collapse.

Unfortunately for the discussion about climate change, is the way that Evangelical Christians and their leadership has bonded to the Republican party on social issues and then bought into the pro business agenda of those same Republican politicans on rejecting the science behind mankinds responcibility for the damage to the environment and the effects that will soon be upon us.

Not all Evangelicals though are blind to the dangers.

I found the article interesting, if you you read behind the lines in the way she is going about opening the discussion. Perhaps Green Wizardry can learn from her methods.