Send you some purslane seed?

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Would you like to have some purslane seed? I've collected enough seed to divvy up with 6-8 people --I'd say more than 100 seeds each.

I recommend it go into the soil anytime from now to sometime in your mid-winter. I don't know for sure that it needs a round of cold weather or many rains or snows to sprout (probably not as it grows in hot climates, too). But this is a wild purslane whose seeds would natually go through winter in my garden where they fall from the plant.

My purslane comes up in pots before it comes up in the soil, proper, suggesting that it is heat that finally enables germination. But most of mine grows on the edges of garden beds where I don't weed and where mulch has failed to cover.

We've discussed purslane on the forums a fair amount, so if you want to review about it, the is info is there. Respond here or message me. Prefer to send where US first class envelope can go.