The Green Wizard Curriculum

  • Posted on: 5 April 2018
  • By: David Trammel

We can't all know everything.That's a plain and simple fact.

What we hope to do over the next few years, is craft a course of study, a manual of knowledge, that people can read and at the end have a core set of skills that will help them in the Long Descent to come. Help them and help the people around them.

Its the sacred package of times past, when our tribes wandered from place to place. There was always a "fire bearer". Someone who carried the hot embers safely. Who feed it so it wouldn't go out. Who when the tribe found new shelter, lite the communal fire.

We need such "fire bearers" now, more than ever.

Will YOU be one?


At the moment, the outline of this project is just that, an outline. Based on my past experiences of three decade as a survivalist and many years of reading the ArchDruid Report here is what "I" envision. I expect it will change with time and input from everyone.

Bare bones, a course in Green Wizard would teach...

1) Core Principles:

John Michael Greer covers three main ones in his "Green Wizardry" book; Energy, Matter and information. I might quibble on the fine points but the important thing is "all systems are arbitrary", and as such it just as good to start the discussion with these as the basis. Add to that his distinction about "Problems and Predicaments" as well as "Flows and Funds". Integrating those core principles into our Lives is going to be the foundation of being a Green Wizard.

2) The Circles:

I like the vision of people in the dark, around a fire. Enjoying the company. That's why I picked the picture I did on the main page.

Not all Green Wizards will be experts in everything. Its the nature of us to specialize. A Green Wizard who knows Ham Radio might not know canning and food preservation. Another might know carpentry and how to wire a home for electricity but be clueless about nutrition and welfare. That's ok. We learn what we can learn and contribute as we can.

No Wizard can "Know" everything.

The Circles are our knowledge base. They are our "library". If the Internet is good for one thing, it puts a vast amount of information at our fingertips. Its our job now to filter the "noise" and collect the learning of the past, so that future Green Wizards can download it and copy it onto something that will survive when finally the Internet goes down.

And its going down, that's a given.

3) Whole Systems

We've lost our Community. We've lost our soul as a civilization, I think. We need to change that. Farmers of the past knew when to let a patch of land to sleep. They knew that with rest came renewal. In the 24/7 world we live in now, we have forgotten that. We need to relearn that the World is connected. That there are systems. Wheels within wheels.

We need to relearn to hear the hum as the gears turn. To take the time to watch the fire burn down. Systems. We need to learn to view all things within their context as systems. More importantly, to learn how to manage them as systems and to learn our place within those systems. We can no longer stand apart. Green Wizards must learn to walk softly within the Gears of Life. To add a bit of grease here and there.

To know when to add a bit of kindling, so the fire never goes out. To be "fire bearers" of the Tribe.

Come join us. Help us teach the next generation.


(©: "Fire" by Tallia22)