What Is Your Call Sign?

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I know there are a few HAM radio enthusiasts here, and some who are just getting started.

Feel free to post your call sign and location on this thread.

K9IUA, Extra Class.

Firat licensed in 1993 as a Novice and assigned KB9IUA (and later using the vanity callsign system to drop the B from the call). Operate CW primarily and some voice, plus the occasional dabble in PSK31 or Hellschreiber. Operate almost exclusively as QRP with 5 watts or less using a Ten-Tec Scout (both the normal model turned down to 5 watts and the Argo Scout version).

Kevin Anderson, Dubuque, Iowa

Hello green hams (and eggs?).

I've now signed up here, previously posted a few messages on the GWR site (is that one being abandonded?).

My call sign is N1OVN, located in Vermont, USA. Been a licensed ham since the early 1970's (in 4Z land), but took a long break from that until last year, in part spurred by the GW idea, as I've been active in the peak oil scene for the last 9 years. Collected some equipment, including a functional Kenwood TS-130S HF transceiver (under $300 on ebay). Set up a 40-meters-around "loop skywire" antenna, which, with the help of a manul antenna tuner, works well on 40, 20, and 15 meters and passibly on 17, 12, and 10 metes (but not 80). I'm still trying to revive my CW skills further before daring to transmit again. I'm also playing with PSK31, with the goal of developing simple low-tech methods to modulate a CW transmitter to transmit PSK31.

- Moshe


Extra Class, first licensed 2013.

Got into Amateur Radio in no small part due to the ADR.

Most recently upgraded to Extra as a way to get momentum after stalling-out a bit. Passed the test using a steampunk slide rule. The senior VE chuckled and said how after 40+ years of administering exams, he’d never seen someone with a slide rule - but as an old engineer, it brought back memories.

Honestly though, I am a rank beginner as far as practical experience is concerned. My XYL and I are budgeting for my first HF rig.

My QTH is western Tennessee, just outside Memphis.


Antony Serio, KD2AQY up in the frozen wasteland of Northern NY.

General class, first licensed in 2010. I don't own a HF rig yet, but I do have access to one through a local club.

Hi Antony,

I know you don't have a rig of your own, do you have any space to put up an HF antenna? How often do you have access to the Club's station?




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AB3NA (Extra-class licensed, with 150W on HF, 50 W on VHF, and 2 W on UHF).

Modes: SSB, AM, FM, and sound-card digital modes on HF (inc. winlink2000), learning CW. FM only on VHF and UHF.

(For the curious: HF is 3-30 MHz, which travels cross-country and internationally. VHF is 30-300 MHz, which is local, say "within a county". UHF is 300-3000 MHz, which is just as local as VHF, perhaps more so.)

Lathe Chuck, AB3NA

August Johnson KG7BZ

Extra Class, first licensed Novice in 1984 KA7WPW

Located in Sweet Home, OR 97386

I recently received my license but have yet to buy a radio. My call sign is KC9VTV

Congratulations! Another Green Wizard HAM!

73, August KG7BZ

Congratulations, Destabee!

It's good to know that there are a few other ham ops out there interested in this kind of thing. I've been licensed since 1958, mostly operate CW, though have done a little experimentation with digital modes.

I got back on the air in 2002, after a long hiatius, due mostly to lack of funds. I've been living on an Island in Washington State for 35 years, until a few year ago getting by on radio repair, electronic design, carpentry, pottery-making, and whatever else I could come up with. Over the last fifteen years I've been involved in founding and directing a small museum in Bellingham, WA called Mindport Exhibits.

I agree that high-tech stuff is likely to go away, and that ham radio may provide one of the only alternative modes of communication available. CW is an elegant means of communication, and I wholly applaud anyone willing to take the trouble to cultivate it as a skill.

I'll be "staying tuned" for more discussion on this subject.


Kevin, W7LOZ

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I got my license two years ago, but found it difficult to get started, due to the complexity of my equipment and the meeting times of local hams. I work in the evenings. I would love to be a part of an effort to connect via radio.


Swarthmore PA


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KB3VFI de AB3NA, in College Park, MD. Maybe I can help. Reply to "lathechuck gmail com". Do you have an HF rig, or just VHF? (Most Technicians start with 2m VHF and join a group that hangs out around a local repeater.) I remember how anxious I was about pushing the "talk" button for the first few times.

Lathe Chuck, AB3NA

August Johnson KG7BZ
I'm located in Sweet Home, Oregon. I'm working with our County ARES organization and also teaching Technician License classes. Several of the recent licensees have even upgraded to General and we've also gotten some has active again that have been licensed for years but been inactive.

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My QTH (ham shack) is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm a general class ham and a member of the Oh-Ky-In Amateur Radio Society and the local county ARES (Hamilton County). In the club I've taken on the role of librarian, as well as writing articles for the club newsletter. I'm interested in all things radio and come from a background as a programmer on community radio station WAIF, 88.3 FM, where I still fill in from time to time. It's good to see this thread active again!

A picture of my shack is below!
Hello again also to KG7BZ & AB3NA whom I talked to after I first got licensed over three years ago now.

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Not to active any more. The cancer took a lot of my voice to say nothing of the energy.
First licensed in way back in 1965 - WN0JMJ. It lapsed - old 1 year Novice license.
Picked up again with a Tech - Test taken at the Denver FCC office in 1978. Call WD0FHG.
Upgraded to Extra about 2000 and got current call NJ0C.
Had been very active with AMSAT and TAPR. Also local repeaters and a fair bit of VHF
contesting back when.