Request For Plant Pictures - All Kinds

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I view what we do here, which I like to call "The Green Wizard Project", is a multi-generational effort to accumulate the knowledge that our children and their children will need in surviving well in a World Made Harsh, that is the civilization which will inherit this planet after the current crop of bad renters die.

One of the ways I want to pass on that knowledge is through a series of books. Much like the old Foxfire series. Their prototype can be found in the various Green Wizard Grimoiries.

Green Wizard Book of Plants

One of the biggest books will be the Green Wizard Book of Plants.

A book of plants naturally will need a lot of pictures but pictures have owners and they have copy right. What I need from everyone here, are pictures that I can use, free of having to pay someone for the right to do that. I know many of us have gardens. I'm asking if you will take and post to this thread, any pictures you can of plants, all varieties. Not just full of fruit, which of course are good, but also of their entire life, from seeds, to sprouts, to flowering and even dead with seed pods.

Also any observations and hints to growing are always welcome too.

Thanks in advance.

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Tonight I moved over the few entries we had on the old forum in the Green Wizard Book of Plants.

Our intention is to eventually (probably ten years out) publish a set of Green Wizard books, in hard copy and electronic media, which future Green Wizards can put into their library for the time that the Internet is down and history.

To do this I need your help.

First off, if you see a particular plant, like peanuts or spinach, and you have grown it, please make a comment in that's plant's entry in the Book. Tell us of your experience with it and above all, please take pictures if you can. Post them or email me and i will.

You'll see a basic template we have come up with, and if you know any of the information that is blank, please post that as well.

We will add your name to the "Contributors" at the end of the entry for that plant and maybe centuries from now, your name will be copied into a brand new hand written addition of "The Book of Plants" by the Green Wizard apprentices.

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Feel free to use any photo I post for any purpose. No need for attribution. In the event that I post a photo that I did not originate I will explicitly note that to be the case.

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Same for me. I have lots of plant pictures over time I will send them by email.

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thanks to you both