The "Carbon Lotto 2", Coming To Your Location Soon

  • Posted on: 14 December 2016
  • By: David Trammel

 photo carbon lotto2_zpskb35mmuv.jpg

Welcome everyone to our newest game of chance, "The Carbon Lotto 2".

Hope you like playing but something tells me you won't.

What, YOU say you didn't sign up for this one? LOL...didn't you read the fine print when you found coal and oil?

Sorry, you were so happy to help spend millions of years of georesources, vegetable matter turned petroleum and coal, like it was never going to run out. Just like everyone else on the planet. You dug it out of the ground and burnt it, but unfortunately, now the bill is due.

But fair is fair, and seeing how you love games of chance, then beginning January, from now on, 5% of you will be selected. Next year another 5%.

Welcome to a World in Descent...

We will immediately take 25% of your savings to help pay for all the excess you've been enjoying. On top of that, you get a 25% pay cut. We won't kick you out of that job, but for you from now on, money will be tight. Don't bitch too much, we'll be getting the other 95% soon.

Best learn to economize now, everything is going up and up.

And as for your friends. Until they win the Lotto, most are going to keep spending carbon like the drunken fools they are.

Now that you are poorer, look for those "friends", to be a bit embarrassed. While they grab burgers at some fast food place for lunch, you're going to learn to brown bag it with food cooked at home. Don't be sad, the stuff you eat will be healthier for you. You might even lose a few pounds. Remember the joy you had as a child, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are so tasty.

You have a choice, learn to live with less or bitch. Not that complaining is going to help. You spent your share so welcome to the new Norm. Get use to less.

A lot less...

Did we forget to tell you this Lotto started back in 1997? That's when we hit "Hubbard's Peak". When oil production began to decline.

Though you believed the propaganda. You believed the "hype".

"Saudi America." Like that's ever going to happen.

But then Math never was your best subject in high school, was it?

If you dig, you'll see that the numbers don't add up. Frakking wells suffer a steep decline over the short term. Its only because Oil companies need the hype to generate stock appreciation that the truth isn't more told.

Back to the Carbon Lotto.

Someone has to pay for your excess. Guess that's YOU.

So each year from now on, things will get tighter and tighter. Things will cost more, while your wages are flat. Its unfair I know but Life is unfair. You can learn to deal with the New Norm or.... well there is no "Or".

Get used to it.

Welcome to the Long Descent.


(©: "1st Place" by Yaroslav B)