Hello All

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Hello All,

I'm an architect in Providence, RI. I'm already gardening, I love to bring out my "cordless" tools (hand saw, Yankee drill, brace & bit, & c.), and I'm getting pretty good at sharpening stuff. I spend some of my time on my local Habitat Chapter and volunteering for WaterFire.

I'd be interested in beginning a Green Wizards tower in Rhode Island. I look forward to JMG's proposed visit to the NecronomiCon in August 2017.

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Architecture? Carpentry? The closest I get to either is the stack on pallets in my living room serving as shelving and an end table. Anyway, welcome, and please do help us out with your practical experience.

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Greer discussing his new books, and the heros being the monsters. Hope someone records it, or even just the audio.

Welcome to the forum Peter.