Hi from Victoria, BC

Hi, a lot of you know me as pygmycory over on the Archdruid report, but on this one I'm Catfish. dtrammel helped me finally get the site to work.

About me: well, I live in Victoria BC, Canada. I like gardening, playing musical instruments, keeping fish and reptilian pets, writing, drawing, painting, spinning and weaving. I am abysmal at wood working. I cook because I need to eat, and I have to do something with my garden produce, rather than because I like cooking.

Glad to meet you all.

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I've seen your posts a lot in the ADR commentary. I spin and weave as well! Do you have access to raw fleece, or do you buy commercial roving? I grew up in the PNW, and will probably be headed back late this year; what are your thoughts on Cascadia?

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I don't want to miss the chance to say hello. I have long seen your posts on JMG's blog. What do you weave?

Long time ADR reader. I live in Ladner, near the ferry terminal. Grandmother, gardener, reader. When I retired I gave myself the task of sorting out what is meant by consciousness! The Hard Question. I think that I have a handle on it that satisfies me.. So now I am trying to understand how to get a Guaranteed Annual Income. ie--economics.