Do You Meditate?

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I ran across this article and interview with Robert Wright about his new book "Why Buddhism Is True".

The book is not a advocation for Buddhism's top of the religious heap, but a exploration of meditation:

"Wright isn’t proselytizing or implying that other religions are false. This is, instead, a light, accessible guide for anyone interested in the practical benefits of meditation. There are no analyses of Buddhist beliefs about reincarnation or supernatural deities; the focus is on what Wright calls Western Buddhism or secular Buddhism, which is less about belief and more about meditation as a therapeutic practice.

By “true” Wright means that Buddhism’s “diagnosis of the human predicament is fundamentally correct, and that its prescription is deeply valid and urgently important.” That diagnosis goes something like this: the human condition is defined by constant and ultimately inexplicable suffering. Meditation isn’t a way out of this suffering. But it helps us transcend it by teaching us to see it clearly for what it is, and by making us more attuned to our emotive impulses and the behaviors they produce."


It made me wonder how many people here, practice meditation.

I don't but probably should.

JMG is doing a weekly walkthrough of the steps to practicing discursive meditation (different from mindfulness meditation) The series starts here: and subsequent lessons can be searched for using the tag "discursive meditation."

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Yeah, I meditate. My meditation technique could be described as discursive as it comes out of the Western Mystery Tradition. I try to meditate for about twenty minutes after my morning prayers. Yes, I pray too.

I think meditation is a great tool for the green wizard. Not only will it help her keep her head cool and level, but with the discursive technique, can help generate new practices, paths, solutions, etc. for various predicaments that may arise.

I am working on it. I have been following along with JMG's instructions on ecosophia.dreamwidth. I have meditated in the past in a very irregular fashion. Mostly mindfulness meditation. I have not really tried discursive meditation.