Its Going To Get Bad For Most

  • Posted on: 14 December 2016
  • By: David Trammel

Now I won't lie and I won't sugar coat the future for all of us. Its going to be tight, cold and nasty. Marked by uncertainty, crime and want.

And by Fear.

The Long Descent will affect your life in a whole host of ways. Whether that street light gets repaired. Whether your trash gets picked up. Whether there is a grocery within easy distance. Whether you get basic services like water and power.

Whether the police even patrol or respond in your neighborhood.

As money and resources get tighter and tighter, look for governments, both local and national to start a slowly escalating "triaga". Making cuts and making decisions on where to spend dwindling funds and manpower. Some cities will hold back the Dark for a while, other will just give up.

Think its all in some far away future, that you can ignore tonight as you check out the latest episode of of your favorite reality show?

Here's reality and its happening now across the country one stressed, broke town at a time.

"Apocalypse, New Jersey" by Mark Taibbi (on RollingStone.Com)

In this case the city of Camden, New Jersey was rescued by a state government and Governor who was able to fund additional services and take back the city and the streets. Yet what do you think would have been the "happy ending" if the State too had no money?

Signs of the Collapse aren't hard to find if you look. Main Stream Media is committed to keeping up appearances, telling the sheep to just "baahhhh" and eat grass they provide. Ignore the butchering van pulling up in the driveway. Do you really think the CEO of BofA, Hedge Fund managers or politicians at any level above the local level, gives a "frak" about your welfare? You are simply a "consumer" to them, of goods or services. A consumer they are happy to take for as much as they can.

Not to sound all conspiratorial on you. We all value self interest. Its useful to remember that most popular "conspiracies" are full of it. There are no "Powers That Be". What there are is various groups of people, all seeking to feed at the pig trough first. They will use their money, power and influence to secure that right.

You need to wake up to that fact. The only one interested in your survival, is YOU.

When the Long Descent comes, you can hide in your cold, dark home worried that "They" are coming for you OR you can learn the skills and talents to make the times of troubles ahead something to survive and prosper in.

Your choice...


(©: "Poverty" by Hipopp)