What Is In Your First Aid Kit?

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I ran across this "Do It Yourself" on making a home first aid kit recently.


While I was once rather well stocked up on basic emergency and survival equipment, but in the last couple of years I've let myself slide. I need to get back up to first rate preparedness.

So do you have a home first aid kit and if so, what do you have inside of it?

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Stuff is worthless without knowledge do it for family get off your assets and just go take a course. Reading a book or downloading info off the internet what can I say. Number of years ago was flying from ATL to SFO Had to do CPR on another passenger lucky for him there were several on the plane who also had training.

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True, no first aid kit, no matter how well stocked, will make up for the lack of knowledge on how to use it but the reverse is also true. The best doctor in the world can do little without supplies.