Tips On Using Cloth Diapers

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We've discussed them (but I can't find the post) so I'll start a new one just for cloth diapers. Here's a post about tips for using them.

Sustainable Babies: Tips on Using Reusable Cloth Diapers From An Eco-Conscious Parent

"Katy Cannata, an eco-conscious mother and San Diego resident, is hoping to challenge the culture of diaper disposability and inspire a new generation of parents to opt for washable cloth diapers. She and her husband have been using reusable nappies since their daughter’s birth. Katy was kind enough to take some time out and answer some questions. We hope her advice encourages you to make the switch from disposable to reusable diapers and helps overcome your cloth nappy fears!"


Later in the interview:

EWP: How did you work out your system for washing cloth nappies?

KC: There is a great website for

I love this website because it has exact information about different washing machines (including pictures) and which detergent to use as well as tons of information about different diaper options. This site is a virtual [cloth nappy] bible and the only place I get information on cloth diapering on the internet to avoid going down the rabbit hole of internet searches. It’s incredibly comprehensive.

As for washing: We have an open bin we place dirty diapers in (open to avoid smell build up) and we wash every other day. We launder on the highest, hottest possible setting our machine offers and use regular old powder tide, as recommended by the fluff love site. No special detergent needed. It is recommended that you use the same detergent for your clothes as anything that touches baby, and no scents or dyes. We add in some borax because we have hard water in San Diego, which is not good for cloth diapers. We have had zero problems!

One thing to note is that prefolds take a long time to dry because they are so absorbent, so I often have to hang dry them. However, sun bleaching is a great way to get out the stains. However, the prefold diapers do get stained, no way around that. But we don’t worry about it; it’s not like they show and the baby is just going to poop in them again!


Add your links and experiences please.