Special Needs Children and the Long Descent

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I do not have children, nor does my sister or brother. At least in that, we've cut our carbon footprint. I do though consider that one of my greatest losses. That said, friends and relatives do. And a few have children who have special needs. One has autism and another one of those alphabet syndromes that causes him to to fly off in fits of anger. I know how much added stress and work having children with special needs appears to be. I will say I had to be one of my father's primary care givers for a couple of years, when his Alzheimer's progressed to the point that he couldn't care for even his most basic needs. People with special needs are a challenge now, but in a world of declining resources, their care will take on an even bigger challenge.

Here is a short article over on USAToday that begins the discussion

3 tips for financial planning when a family member has special needs

Does anyone have experience with this, and what are you doing?