Can You Discuss Gardening with a Difference of Political Beliefs?

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I have publicly said before that I would be ok with giving a lecture on Green Wizardry to a group of Neo Nazis or other racial nationalists.

I know that a few of you would disagree with me on this yet I feel that society has become so polarizing on issues that won't really matter as the Long Descent takes firm hold on our global civilization and as we all relocalize our Life. At some point we will need to relearn a tolerance of different opinions as we focus on what matters, feeding ourselves and and our families, keeping warm or cool, and just living in a World Made Harsh.

I found this article and the emotions it generated in the people who were reported on, to be...

Not sure of the word I'd use, perhaps counter productive and out of focus?

Amid the Kale and Corn, Fears of White Supremacy at the Farmers’ Market

"Justin Williams was baking a tray of gluten-free seeded bread for the next morning’s farmers’ market when his phone buzzed. It was a friend who grows organic sprouts, nervously wondering if he should bring along a shotgun to market. It has been a summer of fear, protest and tension in this crunchy college town ever since the popular Saturday morning farmers’ market was jolted by allegations that a husband and wife who had been longtime sellers of organic tomatoes and kale were also white nationalists. The accusations exploded into public view after activists and online sleuths used federal court records and the leaked archives of a far-right message board to uncover a digital trail they say connects the couple who own Schooner Creek Farm to an organization that promotes white nationalism and “white American identity.”


It doesn't seem to me that the couple were out there at the market in white hooded robes trying to promote their political beliefs. I've read of families split by support or unsupport of Trump. Have we gone so far that every aspect of our Life is merely a check box into whether you'll associate with me?

I'm perfectly ok with arguing passionately at a city council meeting against your opinions I feel are wrong and frankly stupid, but I'm also perfectly ok with sitting down with you at a community park event and sharing a slice of homemade pie you baked.

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I've run across a smaller browser called "Brave" which does a good job of getting around pay walls and limited monthly views. Try it. Its not perfect but will get you some articles.

Brave Browser

It also stops many ads too.

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If this couple is behaving in a poilte manner at the farmers market, there is no problem and the focus of some on wanting a mono-political view is wrong and misplaced. It is realy an affront to privacy and the first ammendment of being able to have free speech, which means that the farmer couple should be able to read various political view points online without their livelyhood being destroyed.

This is so biased and tentative ".... they say connects the couple who own Schooner Creek Farm to an organization..." This couple should be able to associate with whom they like. And, some tenuous association does nothing to show what their actual beliefs are, you would likely need to ask them. For example, I support free speech and freedom of association and freedom of contractual business arrangements ( ie., lawyers decide who to take on as clients, artists decide who to take a commision from, etc... which are very different than purchase what is on offer at a store or resteraunt) so, I may want to read more about such things or even donate to someones legal fees if I feel like it. Does this mean I agree with everything that a particular blog or article or site carrying the same says ? Or that I agree with everything that a person being sued believes in or does ? Of course not.

We need to get back to relating to everyone around us with openness and politeness and non-judgement. We realy need to focus on what is important, there are real issues going on. We should not be "forcing" people into categories and villifying them ! We shoudl decide who to associate with based on our interactions with them, and what is realy required with these. In other words, to just have a retail transaction or a neighborhood project does not require that we all be soul mates and agree on everything !

Looking for reasons to hate other people leads directly to the Balkans. Who would be crazy enough to want that? Yet it seems that some people do.
I never ask the private opinions of the person selling me cucumbers at the Farmer's Market. They've got cucumbers, I've got money, everyone is happy.

We're all going insane.

Teresa from Hershey