Memory Craft by Lynne Kelly

I am almost finished reading this wonderful book and I have already started to try out some of the techniques the author describes to memorize the order of things I plant in my garden. Tags can very often go astray.

Lynne Kelly is a very entertaining writer and she clearly and simply presents many techniques that I think we can all use, especially in times of decline. I know there were discussions of memory techniques elsewhere on this site, but this book is new and I am also including a link to Kelly's website.


I have this book, and can affirm that it’s brilliant.

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Thank you for this. I'm going to pick up a copy, though my library has it. I'm curious about her use of the bestiary as a memory too.
I'm almost done reading right now Logic and the Art of Memory :the quest for a universal language by Paolo Rossi.

It is awesome, but an actual manual to get started using memory techniques would be helpful.

This is the book for you. The bestiary is really cool and if you like that, you will really like her comments about decorated pages from medieval manuscripts.