We Will Be Moving August 1st

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We will be moving to the new website at the end of this month, July.

I've not managed to move as much as I like, but I will keep this older site online to link to.

Thanks again David for all the hard work you do keeping Green Wizards do.

We don't say thank you enough to the people who keep things going.

Thank you!
And I'm looking forward to the new format.

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Thank you, Teresa.

First, I must apologize. Like many out there, I've been burnt out on the chaos that is going on. I took a bit of time off in April which seemed to just stretch on. I've been trying to finish up the new place to the point I can move in, and every time I get two steps ahead, I fall one back. Luckily I'm close.

This past week I quit my job as a stocker at Menard's (big box hardware store) to go to work for a friend as a driver. It's going to be the same hours and pay, but I go in later (10am not 5am) which should give me a better schedule to do things.

The garden is coming along but will need loads of secondary work. More beds are planned. We have been eating salad greens all Spring, most have bolted now, but the tomatoes and corn are coming in.

And yes, I'm excited about the new website design. It's an actively maintained theme, so it will fix all of the little problems we have here. Search, password recovery, sorting of unread posts, pictures, etc. As well as give us some new features to play with. I think people can view it here:


Hopefully, by this time next year, we should have the first of the new GW handbooks books ready, and if I can twist his arm, a revised 10th-anniversary issue of Green Wizards out from John.

BTW, I recommended your Career Indie Author book to a fellow author just yesterday. I plan on using many of your suggestions in setting up my new office soon.

Thank you for recommending our book! Word of mouth is the best advertising.

As for your lettuces, let them bolt. They'll self-sow everywhere so you'll be pulling fresh lettuces from the sidewalk cracks.

In my experience, lettuces self-sow with far more enthusiasm than your own sowing.
Eventually, as they cross themselves with abandon, you'll have to re-sow with fresh seed to get back to the original varieties.
Or not!
You may want to let them go and see what kind of adapted to your conditions lettuces you get.

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It is good that the old site will remain linkable. I am wondering if posts on the old site will still be capable of being edited by their originators. Many older posts have been rendered not useful by the disappearance of originally imbedded photos. Currently if I see a need to link to an older post with missing photos I have the option of editing to reload those photos.

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What I am doing is moving everyone's user name to the new site. So you'll have the same name here and there. You'll have to request a new password from the system, which should email it to you. I can't currently see your password, so I'm using a generic one for everyone as I set up the user account. So make sure your current email address on your account is correct.

As the winter progresses, I'll move all of the posts, and pictures to the new site. As a post gets moved, I'll delete it here. While I do that, the current red site will still be online and accessible.

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Tried a couple times, spaced in time, and no new password for the new site has been sent. Perhaps I've jumped the gun. Will try again in a few days.

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The site is still in the development status, which is probably preventing it from doing a few things. I'm going to bring it live and place it under the green wizards dot org name. Then test everything and let people know. Probably be the end of August, so wait.