insulating windows and storm windows

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A place that makes interior pressure fit storm windows, can be used on rentals too, these are hard plastic

A community build project in new england that makes interior pressure fit storm windows, basically the shrink fit film on a frame for reuse

The instructions for making your own pressure fit interior storm windows, the shrink fit film on frame

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Making some type of window coverings also helps with stopping heat transfer. There are lots of ways to do this, but one very efficient way uses the warm window product, and here are some links for that. You could also look at the instructions or videos and do a similar thing with a used synthetic comforter, it wont work as well, but it will work better than not having window coverings !

This is the warm window quilted window insulation material at Jo Ann Fabrics

Jo Ann fabrics and other fabric stores also have other, more light weight radiant barrier material, Insul bright, to sew with, but it is not the same, I have used Insul bright for lining sewn hot pads, which is a great use for it.

Link to the Manufacturer, this page has the links to detailed instructions for a few easy window shades, also on their site are links to find places to buy warm windows

Link to Cozy Curtains, they sell warm windows fabric and other supplies and kits to make shades and also have a couple of the instruction videos